EQ Boost models.

Our hybrid vehicles benefit from EQ Boost technology, which features a 48-volt integrated starter generator/motor, alongside a combustion engine. This combination offers better acceleration, lower emissions and improved efficiency.

The EQ Boost system acts both as a starter motor and a hybrid assist motor. You don’t even need to plug in to charge the battery: the system recuperates energy from braking and slowing down.

C-Class Saloon (Hybrid).

C-Class Saloon (Hybrid)

Now offering a range of engines and model lines with EQ Boost technology, the C-Class Saloon is ready to take you into the future. With a variety of innovations inside and out, the athletic character of the C-Class Saloon moves the world on.

C-Class Estate (Hybrid).

C-Class Estate (Hybrid)

The design of the C-Class Estate is more dynamic and progressive than ever before. Its athletic design and spacious interior ensure it’s ready for any adventure. With a variety of engine sizes and model lines to choose from, you can find the perfect EQ Boost model for you.

C-Class Coupé (Hybrid).

C-Class Coupé (Hybrid)

The dynamic lines and muscular surfaces of the C-Class Coupé are the epitome of sport design, which is echoed in the stylish interior. Experience the future with the efficient EQ Boost technology for an even more unique drive.  

C-Class Cabriolet (Hybrid).

C-Class Cabriolet (Hybrid)

The powerful design of the C-Class Cabriolet means you can enjoy open-top driving in style. The EQ Boost technology implies fast acceleration, silent gliding in coasting mode and reduced fuel consumption for an even better driving experience.

E-Class Saloon (Hybrid).

E-Class Saloon (Hybrid)

The Mercedes-AMG E 53 4MATIC+ Saloon is now offered with EQ Boost technology to enhance your driving experience even more, whilst being more efficient. Choose between the Premium and Premium Plus model lines for high quality exterior and interior options.

E-Class Estate (Hybrid).

E-Class Estate (Hybrid)

Experience EQ Boost technology in the Mercedes-AMG E 53 4MATIC+ Estate for an exhilarating driving experience that is also more economical. With the Premium and Premium Plus model lines to choose from, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd.

E-Class Coupé (Hybrid).

E-Class Coupé (Hybrid)

Elegant design separates the E-Class Coupé from the crowd, while intelligent, intuitive technology makes your drive more comfortable and efficient.

E-Class Cabriolet (Hybrid).

E-Class Cabriolet (Hybrid)

Open-top driving in the E-Class Cabriolet makes every journey an adventure. Better efficiency with the EQ Boost technology means it’s not just good looks that the cabriolet is known for.

GLE SUV (Hybrid).

GLE SUV (Hybrid)

More intelligent than ever, with a muscular silhouette and up to seven seats, the new GLE SUV is a dynamic expression of power.

CLS Coupé (Hybrid).

CLS Coupé (Hybrid)

The latest generation of the CLS Coupé blends familiar styling elements, such as the arching waistline, with an array of striking new details, including the new MULTIBEAM LED headlamps.

S-Class Saloon (Hybrid).

S-Class Saloon (Hybrid)

The S-Class Saloon sets the standard for luxury and innovation. The combination of elegant styling and innovative technology reaches new heights of comfort and sophistication.